Friday, 4 December 2009

End Of Term... Future Plans..

I will be going home for the Christmas period on Monday, and over that time I will be concentrating mostly on my dissertation.

Yesterday, Pete, Alex and I handed in our pre-production dvd which holds all the files of art work that we have created over the past ten weeks. It is clear to see we have a strong style, and I am now looking forward to beginning production.

We have eight mini productions to complete, which are being produced between the three of us and have a small crew working on each. Here is a summary
1. Dance shoot - Greenscreen - Producer: Holly
2. Motion Graphics - After Effects - Producer: Pete
3. Experimental Designs - Mix media - Producer: Alex
4. Fashion Photography - Pixellation - Producer: Pete
5. Brand/Club Logo's - After Effects/Maya - Producer: Pete
6. Filmed backgrounds - Film - Producer - Pete
7. 2D Viral - Flash - Alex
8. 2D Illustrated characters - Photoshop/Flash - Producer: Pete

I will be working on a number of these projects but my main task is to produce the dance shoot, where we will film dancers on green screen ready to silhouette and manipulate the footage. I have contacts to organize the shoot, which I would like to take place in January. First I need to find out how to get the dancers on to separate alpha channels so they can be used as we hope. The deadline for all of these productions is March.

Yesterday I also had a tutorial with our lecturer Kathy. She is great for helping find influences from original material, as so far I have been looking at graphic designs created in more recent times.

She advised that I look at 1960's textile design and here is an image that I really liked:


I think this era could be quite influential on abstract designs. She also advised me to look at designers such as Ben Nicholson and Miro. For the illustrated 2D characters she sugested we look at fashion design, which is a route we previously discussed going down as it would be great to VJ at fashion shows. Some designers she suggested were Zoltan and Mats Dufastan.

I hope to research these people over Christmas so that I can come back bursting with ideas and start making some abstract loops.