Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Innovation Project.. Take One!

I have begun experimenting with Trapcode Particular to produce an animation for my innovation project.

I want to make an animation that sums up my style, as well as the style and fashion within clubbing in the noughties. I feel animating glitter, or something similar, will help me answer my brief.

I have encountered one problem so far. In the particular settings I don't seem to have an option to make my particle type 'custom'. This means I can't get the texture to be the layer I have made. I have had a play around just using simple colour, and the screen shot above is what I managed to produce. I am fairly happy with this as a first attempt, but aim to work out a way of getting the clip to loop properly. I will also ask a technician to see if they can work out how to find my custom setting!

Here is a clearer abstract for my innovation project, as my other paragraph sounded like I was focusing on the use of drugs more than the visuals at that time:

I will be looking into fashion and visuals within clubbing, looking particularly at certain era's and the influence of drugs on these visuals within the 60's through to the 2000's. I aim to experiment with Trapcode particular, a plug in for Adobe After Effects, eventually producing a clean, attractive abastract animation that sums up the style of the noughties.

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