Sunday, 28 February 2010

Green Screen Shoot...

Yesterday was the big day! Over the past five weeks I have been producing the dance shoot production, meeting people from the university, and sending MILLIONS of emails! But yesterday it finally all came together. Five choreographers from Dartington university travelled to Falmouth for the shoot, and they were AMAZING! I also had a fantastic crew, who without, the day would have been a complete sham! Paddy Jennings from V.I.A, Alex Darabi from Us+Them, and Jackson Tayler and Alex Joliffe from second year animation were all on hand to help set up the green screen, lighting, cameras and music.

We had two P2 cameras, one which was static, and another which we filmed with from alternate angles and also did a couple of interviews for the Us+Them documentary which will also go on the final DVD.

The choreographers were great because they all knew each other well, and there worked well together. Each dancer had their own unique style, from simple and sexy to crazy and contemporary. Although Paddy and I gave some stage direction, they really didn't need much and were fantastic at improvising!

We did experience a problem at the start of the day when one of the dancers tried to spin on the green screen, but as it is a felt drop, it twisted with their foot. This would have made it very difficult to edit the footage in post, but luckily we managed to find a piece of cardboard which we placed on top of the screen and used the camera to zoom in so the cardboard was barely visible. This means some of the clips will need extra editing, or we can cut off the feet. We will have to play with what looks best next week when we start editing the footage.

We will be using keylight in after effects to edit the footage, but first we must go through all the footage with a fine tooth comb to get the very best clips. The plan is to silhouette the dancers and have them o a plain background to be used with other clips when projected.

I have some ideas which I would like to try out using the footage for my innovation project. I spent a small amount of time shooting legs, and the plan is to animate something to replace the body.

BIG BIG THANKYOU's to Alex Darabi, Paddy Jennings, Jackson Tayler, Alex Joliffe, Natalie Mason, Sheri Burt, Rebecca Camilleri, Nicola Rayworth and Bella Miller!!

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