Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Innovation Project

For my innovation project I will be looking at drug culture, fashion and visuals within clubbing.

My research will involve looking at the history of partying and clubbing, right from the 60's when substances such as LSD and marijuana became popular, along with all night parties and the acceptance of a more relaxed lifestyle including casual sex. This new kind of lifestyle was reflected in the fashion, and today when we hear about the 60's, we automatically think of the vibrant psychedelic prints. Similarly, the 70's saw the introduction of the discotheques and with the 80's came the 'rave' with bold neon colours and a quirky fashion. Here is an example of the psychedelic feel of the sixties as a visual:

Drug use has continued right through to the noughties, with some drugs now being classed as 'club drugs' due to their popularity amongst clubbers. Today, the clubbing scene is extremely glamorous, with men and women making mass efforts with their dress. It's all about looking good, clean, and tidy with lots of glitter, sequins and sparkle. However, raves and house parties are also still popular, as well as festivals and music events where drug abuse is expected. Live acts and visual effects are now played in some clubs and festivals, enhancing the 'trip' that some drug abusers may experience.

I aim to make one final animation that can be played in clubs which represents the style of the noughties. I will be using Particular, a plug in for adobe after effects, which I have never used before. I am considering attempting to animate glitter, lighting or sequins. Here is an example of something similar to what I would like to achieve:


I will be looking at drug culture, fashion and visuals within clubbing, eventually making one abstract animated loop to be played in clubs as part of a vj sequence that sums up the style of the 2000's. I will do this using Adobe after effects and particular.

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