Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sorting my life out...

This week I have been trying to get myself a bit more organised for after university.

I recently uploaded a creative CV, but think its a bit OTT and not enough info, so ive been writing a proper CV and going to illustrate it next week to make it a little more attractive.

Today I have been updating my website ( I have used the background of my old CV, as I think it represents my style. I just need to upload some more work. Any comments on that would be greatly appreciated.

I want to design some business cards and post cards to hand out after university. I would like those to be in a similar style, although I am going to wait until I have made some animations using particular and prehaps get a screen shot of some glitter or something.

I have also been emailing my mentor, Blake Evans, who makes adverts and music videos. I really like his range of styles. I will hopefully get to meet up with him so he can look at more of my work and we can have a proper discussion.

As many of my animations are going to be used by VIA and US+THEM, I cannot put them online. However, I think I am going to watermark a couple and put them on my website, as its a bit pointless without animations on there!

I have also been thinking about how I want to present my personal showreel, and think I will try and do a VJ mix for about a minute, just using my own visuals, so I need to get cracking making some backgrounds.

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