Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Concept Art..

Last week Pete and I bought 50 postcards and sketched exactly what would be happening in each animated loop for Con Artists.

We then arranged them into catagories, so the loops now come in packs of 5. For each pack, we must now make 1 piece of concept art, which will be arranged in a book to be sent to Anomaly.

Our aim is to produce 2 pieces of concept art a week over the next 5 weeks. Pete will take charge of character design, and I am designing backgrounds and abstracts.

I have began concept art on my pack which is named 'sparkles and bubbles.' The Con Artists style is going to be very girly, very cheesy, and very bright and colourful to oppose that of VIA. Therefore, this particular catagory is all about cocktails :)

Here is the concept art I am currently working on:

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