Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Tomorrow, Pete, Alex and I have to do a presentation to the class showing what we have done over summer, our concept art and ideas, and our future plans. Here are some of the powerpoint images which really show off the work put into US+THEM:

These are the logo's which are still work in progress. The photograph shows the original members of US+THEM and was pieced together using photo's from a photoshoot we did in July to use as part of our pitch to Anomaly. We wanted the photo's to present us as a young, cool collective of fun people. The image below shows some more pics from the shoot:

In the presentation we are also showing how we have developed as a business, from applying for funding to pitching to Anomaly. We also have Brendan Byrne on board which is a huge honor and a massive achievement for US+THEM.

Finally we are showing some of our concept art to show our progression in the creative process. In June, we pieced together an example of how we hope to work in layers. We have since developed more artwork to figure out exactly what the Con Artists style will be. We want colourful, clean and tidy images that can be played in clubs across Europe. Below is our original concept:

And the image below shows a much cleaner picture using a more intense but gorgeous colour palette. The background was done by myself and the character art was produced by Pete. We hope to develop this style even further:

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