Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Summertime Inspiration...

Over summer I began a folder of visual research to help me with ideas for concept art and animations for the VJ loops I will soon be producing.

I visited clubs including Sankeys in Manchester, ranked 13th best nightclub in the world! I also went to Creamfields, the UK's biggest dance music festival to check out visuals other people were producing and the standard US+THEM will need to match to make it big in the industry. It opened my eyes to how much people really do react to the visuals.

The team have also been researching the popularity of this industry and if there really is a gap that we could break into. We have discovered that there is only one club, Matter in London, who have their very own in-house VJ's to perform and create specialist visuals. However, visuals in clubs are very popular in Europe and America. This means that although visuals in clubs and bars are not overly popular in England at the moment, there is space for other artist collectives to expand on this idea and build on the clubbers experience.

We are also looking at performing at corporate events, including brand promotional events and fashion shows.

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