Sunday, 11 October 2009

VJ Workshop..

This weekend Pete Wood, producer of US+THEM, held a workshop where all members of the collective got together and ran through business plans and the schedule for the next 6 months.

Whilst eating salmon bagels and drinking juice, we ran through the ins and outs of what the next year could hold for us, including plans with Anomaly, production of animations, and life after university.

After a long day, we cracked open the wine and moved on to the more fun side of the project... VJing!

With all of US+THEM gathered in one room, we had to make the most of having the four members of VIA (who already VJ at gigs and festivals) and all of their equipment at hand. Duncan, Dean and Paddy set up their computers, projectors and decks and introduced the rest of us to some of the best VJing software. Although we have our own specialist software, designed and made by Brendan Byrne, I found Resolume the most simple to get to grips with.

We each took turns playing out the visuals which were projected on to the wall, and mixing them and abstracting them using the software. We didn't realise that two hours later we would be making our debut performance in a local bar!

Paddy made a phone call to a mate, and that was that! The equipment was packed away and we were out the door heading in the direction of Q Bar, Falmouth. On arrival, Paddy set up his equipment alongside the DJ and began the set. He quickly ran through the dials and keys with me again, and left me on my own, in the corner, VJing to round about 100 people. And it felt AMAZING! The Q Bar is quite diverse, so it meant I could play around with the software and experiment.

I feel this experience, being thrown in at the deep end, has made me that little bit more excited and passionate about the project. This is something I could be doing for work in the coming months. It has inspired me creatively, and I now know the quality and standard that we have to aim for whilst in production.

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