Saturday, 28 November 2009


I was so inspired by the images I uploaded on my last post that tonight I have been trying to produce something in the same style as the bright coloured one. Seeing as we haven't yet produced any proper designs for graphics I thought this would be a good starting point.

First of all I layered coloured dots into a pattern. I have been doing something similar to this on my background designs, but this is far more detailed and looks really funky on its own.

I then tried adding paint splodges. This could be done by actually flicking paint, scanning it in and enhancing it in photoshop but I cheated and used the paint button instead, again splodging dots to get the flicked paint effect.

Finally I added one of the silhouetted images that I also uploaded on my previous post. I think this would look amazing as an animated loop with somebody dancing, or even blended in with the footage of club signs and lights that we hope to film next year.

I think the dots would be easy to animate, and we could make a series of loops where the dots expand, grow apart, or even just have flashing lights behind them. They could easily be made in a day.

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