Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Making a Breakthrough?

The past week has been very stressful and a few decisions have been made in terms of the project and style.

Last Wednesday, we had a production meeting where Pete the producer was unsure about our plan and feeling as though we had been far too ambitious. He proposed that instead of making 50 loops for Con Artists, we actually only made five. This panicked me as I want to have the best show reel of work as possible for when I finish my degree. I disagreed with his idea to change the project and managed to explain to him how brilliant our project could be. Luckily, he seemed to find the enthusiasm for the project that he had lost.

We have also had some issues with Anomaly over a disagreement with the logo's but the US+Them team have agreed on their favoured choice. We are now thinking instead of spending more money on a splash screen for the website, the money could go towards production and help us to create some really interesting loops using models and dancers from the university, and shooting footage around London.

Although we would still like to show some narrative in our collection of loops, we are considering using other styles of film and animation, which could lead to a much more abstract style and set of loops.

We have a presentation this Friday to a panel of people from the industry, as well as the rest of our class, the second year students, and the Animation staff. We hope to get some positive feedback and enthusiasm about the project, but and constructive critism may help us. I think the project will continue to change over the next six months, but as long as we maintain a high standard of work I think we will be able to pull it off.

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