Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Plans..

Over the past week or so I have been introduced to some new technology which we now hope to use to create some loops. The university has a grey room with thousands of pounds worth of equipment. It is similar to the green screen room, except you can build a 3D environment and film a person in that environment. This would be great for making lots of loops of the environment, as well as some with people dancing. The only problem with using this equipment is that the environment has to be made in 3D, and nobody in our crew can use 3D software to a high standard. We have pitched to the students in second year, and some have shown interest to help us out which would be amazing.

We have also decided to visit London (and I can hopefully get to Manchester over the
Christmas break too) to film some shots of lights, club and bar signs, crowds, and general urban life. I have began experimenting with the combination of my colourful 2D style with photographs of things that we hope to film. Here is an example:

I think it works really well with the mixture of style and colours. I also think the silhouette works well. I am going to contact the college in Truro, the nearest city to Falmouth, to try and organise getting dancers to the university which we can film, silhouette in after effects, and make some quick easy loops.

I also plan to do some online tutorials to refresh my skills in after effects so that I can make some really nice abstract motion graphic animations.

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